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La riforma del diritto societario

E in corso la discussione della riforma del diritto societario in albania.

 Fondamentalmente, la normativa esistente è abbastanza simile a quella italiana con il vantaggio di essere nata su terreno libero da precendenti regole.

La riforma sembra semplicemente prendere atto dei problemi affrontati e dei cambiamenti sociali avvenuti in questi anni.

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  1. una copia della nuova legge la trovate in albanese ed inglese al seguente link

    Commento di gene | ottobre 5, 2007 | Rispondi

  2. Albanian Draft Law on Entrepreneurs and Companies
    Janet Dine, Michael Blecher
    The following First Draft Law on Business Companies is based on
    the findings of the policy consultation carried out in May and June
    2007. It reflects the EU Company Law standard and takes useful
    elements of the existing Law No. 7638 ‘On Commercial Companies’
    into account in order to maintain as much as possible Albanian legal
    practice as it has developed in the last 15 years. The Draft Law also
    adopts the remaining provisions of Law No. 7632 ‘On the General
    Part of the Commercial Code’, which were not repealed by the
    recent registry law reform, i.e. by Law No. 9723 on the National
    Registration Centre (provisions on the single entrepreneur and on the
    legal effects of transferring the business name).

    We have tried to coordinate this Law with the Draft Law on
    We have not transposed the EU Directive 2006/43/EC on statuary
    audits of annual accounts as further consideration of the complexity
    of these provisions makes it very clear that the provisions can only
    be adequately transposed by drafting a separate law.
    We have proposed draft penal provisions as support mechanisms for
    the company law. The European Court of Justice insists on sufficient
    sanctions being available to ensure compliance with its Directives.
    The enactment of penal provisions to support company law depends
    on which penalties are already available in the existing criminal code
    and on procedures set by the constitution as well as on consultation
    with the Ministry of Justice. The provisions written here are
    preliminary suggestions made without the benefit of such
    Similar considerations apply to draft transition provisions;

    Commento di gene | ottobre 5, 2007 | Rispondi

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